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Premium Kiln-Dried Firewood and Kindling Products

Thanks for visiting. We process, package and deliver USDA certified kiln dried firewood and kindling.  We deliver by tractor trailer load, or one pallet at a time to individual homeowners. We look forward to serving your firewood needs!


Kibbe’s firewood has been growing for years. Originally a part of Kibbe’s Sawmill, I decided to break away to focus on the firewood portion of the business, while my brother Jon continues to operate the Sawmill in Hampden MA.

We have 6 kilns in operation, with a drying capacity of roughly 90 cords per week.  Kilns are fed by two MultiTek processors and a great team of experienced workers.


(800) 373-4500


229 Somers Rd.
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85 Haynes Hill Rd
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